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Hu Chen-pu Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in Corruption Case


Hu Chen-pu Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in Corruption Case


Source: All Taipei Newspapers


Oct. 3, 2011



Former Veterans Affairs Commission minister Hu Chen-pu (胡鎮埔) was given a 10-year sentence by the court of first instance. Hu Chen-pu said last Friday that it was a political ruling, which "obviously intended to discourage me from participating in the up-coming legislative election." Hu stated that he would not withdraw from the election, and that he would definitely appeal the verdict.


Former Executive Yuan Secretary-general Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻)  allegedly instructed commission officials Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻) and Cha Tai-chen (查台傳) to raise funds illegally in 2007 and then gave the money to four legislative candidates from various political parties. The Taipei District Court ruled last Friday that Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻) was sentenced to seven years and 10 months in prison for corruption , and the court also deprived Chen of his political rights for three years. Hu was sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption and violating the Securities and Exchange Act, and was also deprived of his political rights for three years. The court also sentenced former commission secretary--general Cha Tai-chen (查台傳) to seven years and six months in prison and suspended his political rights for three years.


Hu stated that it was a routine practice for the Veterans Affairs Commission to raise funds from the heads of affiliated business units for the benefit of some legislators during elections, adding that he may have violated the principle of political neutrality, but had not committed fraud. He said he was not the actual fundraiser, so he did not direct or approve fund-raising activities, adding that he was unable to accept the court's ruling.


Hu Chen-pu had been director in the Defense Ministry's Political Warfare Department, army commander, and a Veterans Affairs Commission minister. Hu announced on September 3 that he would run in the 2012 legislative elections, representing the 6th district of Taoyuan County, as an independent candidate.




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