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Sean Chen Designated New Premier


Sean Chen Designated New Premier


Source: All Taipei newspapers

January 30, 2012


After securing re-election, President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) promised to make an all-out effort to reform governance in the next four years in order to push for Taiwan’s rebirth and create a “Golden Decade.” As Taiwan is expected to face its severest challenge as a result of the European debt crisis in the first quarter of 2012, 62-year-old Vice Premier Sean Chen (陳冲), a.k.a. “Taiwan’s Wizard of Finance and Economics,” was designated as the new Premier during the Chinese New Year Holiday, following in the path of his long-ago predecessors Premiers Sun Yun-suan (孫運璿), Yu Kuo-hwa (俞國華), and Vincent Siew (蕭萬長), all of whom are renowned for their distinguished expertise in finance and economics.


Likewise, reducing the wealth gap in Taiwan is another task for the government as the global economy continues to falter. Therefore, President Ma chose Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺) as Sean Chen’s deputy. During his term as Interior Minister, Jiang pushed for the passage of five bills related to “housing justice” and expanded assistance to mid- and low-income families. Jiang is expected to continue to promote social justice in the future. 


In addition, the appointees of new secretaries-general of the Presidential Palace, the Executive Yuan, and the Kuomintang (KMT) party were recently announced. After KMT secretary-general Liao Liou-yi resigned from office, his position was filled by Lin Join-sane (林中森), currently the secretary-general of the Executive Yuan. KMT party whip Lin Yi-shih (林益世), who failed to win re-election earlier this month, has been designated as the new secretary-general of the Executive Yuan. Legislative Speaker Tseng Yung-chuan (曾永權) will take office as the new secretary-general of the Presidential Palace. 


Lo Chih-chiang (羅智強), Ma’s deputy campaign manager, will succeed Kao Lang as deputy secretary-general of the Presidential Palace. Kao Lang will reportedly return to his teaching career.


Please see the table below for the new cabinet appointments made to date.



New Appointees

Current Incumbents


Sean Chen (陳冲)

Wu Deng-yih (吳敦義)

Vice Premier

Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺)

Sean Chen (陳冲)

Secretary-General of the Executive Yuan

Lin Yi-shih (林益世)

Lin Join-sane (林中森)

Interior Minister

Lee Hong-yuan (李鴻源)

Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺)

Chairperson of the Council for Economic Planning and Development

Yiin Chii-ming (尹啟銘)

Christina Y. Liu (劉憶如)

Finance Minister

Christina Y. Liu (劉憶如)

Lee Sush-der (李述德)

Minister of State Without Portfolio

Yang Chiu-hsing (楊秋興)

Former Kaohsiung County Executive


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