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Chinese Taipei Wins God Medal in Men’s 400-Meter Relay


Chinese Taipei Wins God Medal in Men’s 400-Meter Relay


Source: Taipei newspapers      Dec. 14, 2009


The 2009 Hong Kong East Asian Games (EAG) concluded last Saturday. On the last day of the games, Chinese Taipei won the gold medal in the men’s 400-meter relay competition with a time of 39:31, adding an eighth gold medal to its scoreboard.  


Last Friday, Chinese Taipei’s dream to keep the basketball championship was shattered as its men’s team lost to South Korea 97:98. In addition, Chinese Taipei women’s basketball team also lost in the finals, 58:83, to Mainland China. Last year, Chinese Taipei came in second place in women’s basketball, as well.   


The EAG was the biggest sporting event that Hong Kong has ever held. A total of 2,377 athletes from 9 counties or regions gathered in Hong Kong to compete for 262 gold medals. During the 9-day competition from December 5 to 13, Chinese Taipei won 8 gold medals, 34 silver, and 47 bronze, ranking 5th in total medals received out of the 9 participating countries or regions. Last year, Chinese Taipei ranked 4th  

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