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HSR Tops List of Taiwan’s 100 Best Infrastructure Projects


HSR Tops List of Taiwan’s 100 Best Infrastructure Projects

All Taipei newspapers
February 15, 2011

As the Republic of China has entered its 100th year, the cabinet-level Public Construction Commission (PCC) organized an on-line voting campaign in January to select the 100 best infrastructure projects in Taiwan. The top 10 projects chosen were the 345-kilometer High Speed Rail (HSR), which ranked first, Taiwan’s landmark skyscraper Taipei 101, the Hsuehshan Tunnel, the Sun Moon Lake Aerial Gondola, the Central Cross-Island Highway, the Presidential Palace, the Taichung Thermal Power Plant, the Penghu (Pescadores) Great Bridge, the National Palace Museum, and the Shihmen Reservoir.

According to the PCC, the HSR, with a cost of NT$500 billion (US$17 billion), was the most expensive of the top 10 infrastructure projects selected through the on-line vote. The Taichung Thermal Power Plant, the nation’s largest thermal power plant, was second in terms of total expenditures, with a cost of over NT$90 billion (US$3.06 billion)

The PCC indicated that in order to celebrate the ROC centennial (Jan. 1, 2012), it had opened the Virtual Museum of Taiwan Infrastructure in January. The PCC also launched a series of on-line activities, the most popular of which was the voting for Taiwan’s top infrastructure projects, which garnered over 330,000 votes.

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