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【中/ENG】可以失敗,絕不失志。 2022高雄,國民黨必將再起! The KMT May Have Lost the Election, But Will Never Lose the Will to Fight: The KMT Will Rise Again in the 2022 Kaohsiung Mayoral Election

新 聞 稿 中國國民黨文化傳播委員會 109.08.15

可以失敗,絕不失志。 2022高雄,國民黨必將再起!




可以失敗,絕不失志。 2022高雄,國民黨必將再起!














Press Release
KMT Culture and Communications Committee
August 15, 2020

The KMT May Have Lost the Election, But Will Never Lose the Will to Fight: The KMT Will Rise Again in the 2022 Kaohsiung Mayoral Election

In a joint press conference with KMT candidate Jane Lee (李眉蓁) after the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election on August 15, KMT Chairman Johnny Chiang (江啟臣) stated that the KMT may have lost the election, but will never lose the will to fight, adding that the KMT is a political party that can renew itself by learning from mistakes.

“The KMT is not afraid of difficulties, and will grow even stronger from this defeat. This was not an outright rejection of the KMT. Rather, I see this failure as a ‘whip’ to spur the KMT on. The KMT will win back the hearts and minds of the citizens of Kaohsiung with concrete actions. The KMT will win the city back in 2022,” stated Chairman Chiang during the press conference.

The following is the full text of Chairman Chiang’s speech:

The citizens of Kaohsiung have once again made their choice. The KMT respects this and hopes that Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁) of the DPP will not break their trust, and that he will earnestly make good on his campaign promises for the good of Kaohsiung's citizens.

One may find various reasons and factors which contributed to today’s defeat. However, it is crucial for us to learn lessons from this defeat, so that we can find a new foothold and refresh ourselves.

The KMT is a political party that grows from mistakes. The KMT defies difficulties and hardships, becoming even stronger after defeat. I do not see the outcome of today's election as an outright rejection of the KMT by the citizens of Kaohsiung. Rather, it will serve as a “whip” to keep the KMT moving forward. We must remember this pain and stand up to strengthen our resolve in order to continue walking on the path of reform.

It is not the KMT’s privilege to sit and cry after falling to the ground. 

We must get up immediately and keep marching forward. 

The KMT will never use defeat as an excuse to refuse to reform. 

We must stick to the path of reform.

I know many of you felt depressed after Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) lost the Kaohsiung mayoral recall vote on June 6th. However, you have turned that grief into strength. I would like to offer my gratitude to all of you. I want to thank you for reaching out, especially now, while the KMT is in the throes of electoral defeat. You put grievances aside and worked together to help the KMT turn the tides. Because of you, the KMT successfully held the Kaohsiung City Council speakership seat in a by-election vote on July 31st after the incumbent speaker Hsu Kun-yuan (許崑源) of the KMT fell to death following Han’s recall. As a majority in the Kaohsiung City Council, the KMT will make good on its promises and continue to safeguard the interests of the citizens of Kaohsiung.

This by-election has been a tough battle. However, as it progressed we saw that each KMT member, regardless of age or position, performed his/her own duties well. You brought out the best in yourselves during the campaign.

The KMT nominated Jane Lee (李眉蓁) as mayoral candidate because we hoped that the younger generations could stand up and shoulder more responsibility, regardless of personal gains or losses.

This is what the KMT needs; this is the right path for the KMT to walk on. After today’s defeat, the KMT will renew itself, playing the part of dutiful opposition party in overseeing city governance. In addition, the KMT will continue to tap and nurture young talent.

Meanwhile, I would like to urge Kaohsiung City Council Speaker Zeng Li-yan (曾麗燕), Deputy Speaker Lu Shu-mei (陸淑美), and other KMT caucus members, including Jane Lee (李眉蓁), to immediately and swiftly shift focus away from this election and towards faithfully fulfilling your duties in overseeing city governance. You must win the hearts and minds of the citizens of Kaohsiung and fulfill their dreams.

I want to thank Jane Lee (李眉蓁) for her courage in taking the initiative and shouldering responsibility. Furthermore, I also want to thank those who devoted their time and energy to the campaign. No more sadness tonight. Let’s roll up our sleeves and face tomorrow's challenges.

We are not afraid of failure because we are more than willing to reflect upon ourselves from time to time. Today's setback will lay the foundations for our rise in Kaohsiung in 2022. Some have argued that the DPP will govern Kaohsiung for a long period of time because of the KMT’s failure today. However, I think that the KMT, with resolution and indefatigable courage, will prove them wrong.

From today, from this moment, let’s move forward. We, the KMT, will win back the hearts and minds of the citizens of Kaohsiung. Let’s win Kaohsiung back in 2022!

(This is an abridged version of the KMT’s Chinese language news release.)

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