2020年10月7日 星期三

【中/ENG】江主席:台灣光復是中華民國與台灣的重要歷史連結 Chairman Chiang: The Retrocession of Taiwan is a critical historical connection between the Republic of China and Taiwan

           新 聞 稿           中國國民黨文化傳播委員會  109.10.7





江主席藉著中常會的機會,邀請所有中常委當天一同參加,一起大聲唱出國歌,不但要慶祝我們國家的誕生,更要相互勉勵為中華民國,繼續打拚!讓中華民國永續發展,繁榮昌盛!「R.O.C FOREVER! 」





Chairman Chiang: The Retrocession of Taiwan is a critical historical connection between the Republic of China and Taiwan

 Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Chiang Chi-chen spoke at a regular Central Standing Committee meeting today, October 7. He first pointed out that he has officially appointed the party caucus leaders of the current legislative session before this very meeting. He hoped, with a new legislative leadership team, KMT legislators will perform better in law-making and government supervision, and will bring back effective checks and balances and to gradually win back public trust.


Chairman Chiang further affirmed the KMT party caucus’ hard work in showing the public how the DPP has flip-flopped and has been of no use in the last several years in managing the importation of US racto-pork. He also commended the caucus’ efforts to request the Tsai Ing-wen administration to substantially improve the ROC-US relations and to further safeguard our national security.


 “October is the month of harvest and also of significance for the Republic of China,” Chairman Chiang emphasized, “this Saturday is the Double Tenth Day, the National Day of the Republic of China.” As the founding political party of the Republic of China, we should never forget the martyrs who started the 1911 Chinese (Xinhai) revolution 109 years ago. On the Double Tenth Day, Chiang will be attending the official National Day Celebrations as the Chairman of the KMT. In addition, the KMT will host a flag-raising ceremony at its headquarters, to highlight our emphasis on the National Day and our prayers for the country.


During the meeting, Chairman Chiang took the occasion to invite all Central Standing Committee members to attend the flag-raising ceremony and to sing the national anthem together, not only to celebrate this special day of our nation, but also to encourage all our colleagues to keep fighting for the sake of the very existence, development, and prosperity of the Republic of China. “ROC forever!”


This October 25th is the 75th anniversary of the retrocession of Taiwan. 75 years ago, the Republic of China Government, witnessed by the Taiwanese public and the representatives of the Allies, accepted Japan’s surrender and took back control of Taiwan and Penghu, ending 50 years of the Japanese colonial rule. It heartened countless soldiers and civilians who fought tirelessly against Japanese invasion for 8 long years, and affected countless lives and tore innumerable families apart. The profoundness of its meaning goes without saying.


Chairman Chiang believed the retrocession of Taiwan serves as a critical historical connection between the Republic of China and Taiwan. However, in the light of both Beijing authorities expanding their celebrations and the purposed neglect of the DPP government, the retrocession of Taiwan is barely remembered on the island, yet, absurdly, is widely celebrated in the mainland.


Therefore, Chairman Chiang believes the KMT should be persistent in standing for the celebration of the retrocession of Taiwan and increasing the public’s awareness of the special occasion. The KMT has started organizing a series of activities honoring the retrocession, from academic seminars to soothing music festivals in order to let everyone contemplate about the meaning of the retrocession, intellectually and emotionally. Chiang emphasized, once the details of the series are finalized, he will invite all friends and supporters to participate in the events together for retrospection and prospection.


The Central Standing Committee of the KMT invited Yeong-Chin Su, Visiting Professor at the National Chengchi University, to give a keynote speech, titled “the Role of Grand Justices on the No. 793 Constitutional Interpretation”. Chairman Chiang also awarded the certificate of appointment of Designated Member of the Central Standing Committee to Bo-Han Chen, the newly-elected Leader of the KMT Youth League.

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