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【中/ENG】828反萊豬拚公投 全民宣講正式啟動! The KMT to Explain to People About Anti-Ractopamine Referendum Initiative

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828反萊豬拚公投 全民宣講正式啟動!






The KMT to Explain to People About Anti-Ractopamine Referendum Initiative

On April 18th, the Kuomintang (KMT) initiated a staff training session, the first of its kind, on a referendum case in which people will vote on August 28th to decide whether or not to allow imports of pork containing ractopamine.. Prior to the training session, KMT Chairman Chiang Chih-chen (江啟臣), who doubles as convenor of anti-ractopamine pork products promotion group , , vice convenor Fai Hong-tai (費鴻泰), chief executive officer Lin Wei-chou (林為洲), KMT legislators, KMT party cadres and a group of young people participated in the launch ceremony.

The KMT currently plans to conduct internal lectures for approximately 100 essential cadres to attend per session from April to May. Following this, KMT party cadres will go around the country to explain to the public on the referendum case from the end of May. From July to August, the KMT plans to hold two large-scale events to solicit votes on the referendum.

During the first internal training session, deputy chief executive Hsieh Long-chieh (謝龍介) led a discussion on topics such as , "Why do we object ractopamine pork?" as well as "The Three Benefits of the Referendum Tied to the General Election," the purpose of which is to ensure that the participants fully understood the importance of the referendum on August 28th. In addition, the KMT also plans to issue a tri-fold page pamphlet designed to reveal and help the public to understand the contents of the two referendums initiated by the KMT.

A series of training courses will focus on reflecting public opinion, the contents of the two referendums, and allowing grassroots cadres to understand the KMT’s determination to ensure consumer food safety, as well as safeguarding Taiwan’s democracy. Additionally, this will assist in equipping party members with tangible skills for street preaching in a well-prepared manner. The KMT has emphasized that opposing ractopamine pork imports is to ensure food safety and that tying the referendum to the general election is to support the return of power to the people. The ruling party has arbitrarily allowed the imports of ractopamine pork products through administrative orders for self-interest, causing harm the people’ health. When initially in power, the DPP actively advocated for lowering the referendum threshold; yet it has done its utmost to prevent the holding of referendum. This demonstrates the fact that the DPP is an arrogant and dictatorial political party.

The KMT always believes that holding of a referendum is a fundamental right to the people, not a tool to be manipulated by politicians. The two referendum proposals initiated by the KMT are related to food safety and democracy. Therefore, the KMT believes that so long as the people are willing to vote, the referendum results will demonstrate to the Tsai administration the people’s firm stance in maintaining food safety.

(This is an abridged version of an official KMT Chinese language press release)

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