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【中/ENG】防疫淪為專制 蔡總統容不下專業、多元的聲音 Tsai Gov’t Becomes More Authoritarian as It No Longer Accept Professionalism and Diverse Views in Covid Prevention

新 聞 稿 中國國民黨文化傳播委員會 110.06.08

防疫淪為專制 蔡總統容不下專業、多元的聲音

中國國民黨文傳會主委王育敏、副主委黃子哲今(8)日上午召開「防疫淪為專制 蔡總統容不下專業、多元的聲音」記者會指出,中研院院士陳培哲講出國產疫苗的真話,點名蔡英文就是「最大的困難」,民進黨隨即慣性發動大批親綠人士與網軍抹黑打壓,突顯蔡政府的防疫已走向專制獨裁之路,一個完全聽不進專業、多元聲音的政府,怎麼還好意思說「一切以科學為準」?






Tsai Gov’t Becomes More Authoritarian as It No Longer Accept Professionalism and Diverse Views in Covid Prevention

The Kuomintang (KMT) held a press conference this morning (June 8) on "President Tsai cannot tolerate professional and diverse voices, and the pandemic prevention has become authoritarian". During the press conference, Chen Pei-che (陳培哲), an academician of the Academia Sinica (中研院), told the truth about domestic vaccines, naming President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) as "the biggest difficulty". The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) immediately mobilized a large number of DPP supporters and netizen armies to launch a smear campaign against Chen. This highlights the fact that the Tsai government's pandemic prevention has moved toward a path of autocracy. How can a government that is totally ignorant of professionalism and has zero tolerance for multiple voices claim that its pandemic prevention efforts are scientific?

The Financial Times pinpointed two main problems behind the recent surge of Covid-19 infectious cases in Taiwan in a news article of June 1st. One is the government’s inability to build a sufficient mass testing capacity., and another is more “cultural or personal” as “Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung’s (陳時中)stellar record in keeping the virus out for so long has earned him so much authority that other public health experts have been discouraged from challenging him.” Even foreign media outlets can sense that the Tsai government is moving toward autocracy in its pandemic prevention efforts. Chen Pei-che’s resignation from the vaccine review committee demonstrates the best proof of that. Earlier this year, President Tsai promised that domestic vaccine would be ready in Taiwan by the end of July. The "shoot the arrow first, then draw the target" behavior of the Tsai government is tantamount to mufflingmembers of the vaccine review committees. Academician Chen Pei-che raised doubts from the professional point of view but was ruthlessly smeared. Does this mean that people of Taiwan can no longer express opposing opinions from those of the government? The Tsai government refuses to listen to those with professionalism. How can people put their trust in the government for the safety and effectiveness of domestic vaccines in the future?

When the US pandemic was severe last year, although Americans hoped that their US-made vaccines could be ready as soon as possible, then US President Donald Trump did not intervene in the professional review process. However, compared with the US, President Tsai not only blatantly intervened in the development of domestic-made vaccines, but also assured the people that a deadline for vaccine production was set. In response, the KMT urged President Tsai to reflect on her mistakes. In the meantime, regarding Academician Chen Pei-che’s being slandered by pro-DPP TV pundits and netizens, the KMT would like to ask, "Does President Tsai still remember how to write the words democracy and freedom in Chinese?" The KMT called on President Tsai to immediately ask her followers to exercise self-restraint and refrain from launching an online smear campaign against academician Chen Pei-che.

Chen Pei-che resigned from the domestic vaccine review committee and pointed out that the review committee could no longer maintain its independence and professionalism. He even identified President Tsai Ing-wen as the biggest difficulty. The response from the Office of the President was "we feel sorry for the misunderstanding". However, based on the professional status of academician Chen Pei-che and his accusation against President Tsai, the Office of the President’s response is obviously insufficient. The KMT urges the Office of the President to face squarely Chen Pei-che’s remarks and explain in detail to the public the entire rollout plan of domestic-made vaccines in order to dispel the doubts of the people.

The KMT supports the rollout of domestic-made vaccines as long as they are safe and effective. However, if the Tsai government continues to acquire overseas vaccines in a passive manner, and hastily approve the use of domestic-made vaccines although still in the second phase of clinical trials, it only proves the fact that the Tsai government never cares about people’s health. 

(This is an abridged version of an official KMT Chinese language press release)
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