2022年9月27日 星期二

【中/EN】「總統級醜聞!」公然伸手介入NCC主導新聞台,錄音曝光,真正絕對權力使人絕對腐化! Presidential Level Scandal! The President Openly Meddled with and Directed NCC Regarding News Channel Recording Exposes: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

         新 聞 稿                中國國民黨文化傳播委員會           111.9.27


Presidential Level Scandal! The President Openly Meddled with and Directed NCC Regarding News Channel Recording Exposes: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!


針對媒體曝光,去年底鏡電視股東會的錄音檔案中有關「蔡英文總統的意志,要讓鏡電視過關」、「蘇貞昌院長已經交代NCC主委」等內容,中國國民黨文傳會主委洪孟楷昨(27)日表示,這是「總統級」的醜聞錄音曝光,證明絕對權力使人絕對腐化,蔡、蘇兩人過去對假消息不惜提告 ,請問蔡英文總統要不要採取法律動作、要不要出來公開澄清?民進黨已經腐化到骨底,唯有全民收回權力、才能矯正這樣總統級醜聞的亂象!

In response to the media exposé that late last year, a recording from a Mirror TV stockholder meeting revealed that “President Tsai Ing-wen’s determination to make Mirror TV pass inspections” and “Premier Su Tseng-chang had already given instructions to the National Communications Commission (NCC) Chairman,” amongst other revelations, Kuomintang (KMT) Culture and Communications Committee Director Hung Meng-kai (洪孟楷) stated yesterday (Sept. 27th) that this exposure of a “Presidential Level,” scandalous recording proves that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Tsai and Su had continuously persecuted fake news, but will President Tsai Ing-wen take legal action on this case? Will she publically clarify and settle the details of this case? The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is already rotten to the bone; only if the people retake their power can this anarchic, presidential-level scandal be rectified!



Hung Meng-kai further stated that the NCC was originally considered to be an independent statutory agency, but the recording exposes that it’s basically been turned into a thug for hire; “Su Tseng-chang’s little brother.” Its purpose as an independent statutory agency has been entirely obliterated. If NCC Chairman Chen Yaw-shyang (陳耀祥) fails to resign, he is insulting the Republic of China. Hung further called upon the Legislative Yuan to immediately and indefinitely freeze the NCC’s budget until Chairman Chen apologizes and resigns.



Hung Meng-kai also emphasized that a country’s leadership intervening in media investigations is a monumental scandal in every single democratic country around the world. He called upon President Tsai Ing-wen to step up and formally call a press conference in order to apologize to the people and explain the situation clearly. She must “stop hiding; this is a grave crisis of our constitutional government.” Chairman Chen should immediately resign and take responsibility. Finally, the DPP government should publically apologize to the people and re-examine its process of issuing licenses to news stations. This scandal is the darkest hour in the history of Taiwan’s news media; the fact that this presidential-level scandal occurred in Taiwan is truly despicable.



KMT Deputy Spokeswoman Yang Chih-yu (楊智伃) then stated that according to the President’s own decrees, the DPP, green-leaning media has become a puppet; it had become the ruling party’s guard dog long ago. The green media has been trampling on the fourth branch’s power and worse, has been trampling on the sanctity and pride of the entire journalistic profession. She pointed out that the DPP had once cried for political parties, government, and military to cease involvement in media and on school campuses, yet now the DPP not only uses the power of office to pressure and dominate the NCC, it even goes as far as to exploit the NCC as a designated media puppet for personal gain, utilizing it to manipulate public opinion for its own political purposes.



Yang Chih-yu emphasized that the DPP had long ago deviated from the public will, abandoned democracy and liberty, and attempted to pull the wool over the people’s eyes and ears. The DPP has demolished the “fourth branch of government,” a power that rightfully belongs to the people in order to oversee the government’s authority. The KMT, in the most solemn manner possible, calls upon the illiberal “Democratic” Progressive Party to step back from the precipice. The Taiwan people must also stop ignoring the Tsai administration’s destruction of news media independence and deplorable abuse of the public media as a tool to suppress dissent. We must work together to oversee the ruling party and put an end to the DPP’s delinquency.

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